Twenty-five years of experience on Optical Design and Systems Engineering


Speciality: Science Research and Engineering Development of Astronomical Optics



        Adaptive Optics and Wavefront Sensing Technology

        Imaging and Spectroscopic Instruments


        Image Slicing Methods



Optical Design and Analyses

        Conception and Optimisation of Ultraviolet, Visible, and Infrared Instruments

        Optical Performance Analyses

o        Ray Tracing; Aberration; MTF; Wave Front Analysis; Polarization Analysis; Transmission…

        Tolerance analysis

        Integrated Analysis on Structural and Thermal Impact

        Ghost Image Analysis

        Illumination and Stray Light Analysis

        3D Modelling

o        AutoCAD

o        .DXF, .IGS, STEP; ...


Systems Engineering

An Interdisciplinary Process Which Ensures That The Customer's Needs Are Satisfied Throughout A System's Entire Life Cycle.


        Performance Specification and Definition

        Design and Analysis

        Modeling and Simulation

        Integration, Testing, and Calibration


        A Bit More: What is Systems Engineering?


Extra: ZEMAX Training Course


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